How to choose a wine glass?

For centuries, wine has always had an exceptional place on the dining table. But modernization has brought about glasses that have been adapted to each type of wine. Here are some details on the type of glass you should use for a given type of wine.

Standard glass for red wine

The most common wine that is encountered a little more than others is red wine. Although there are several types of red wine, this one is recognizable by its lack of particularity. It is recommended to drink it in a classic glass. The latter has a tulip shape, but is generally wider than other glasses. It is here, discover it here with more details, a more in-depth description and the reasons for its adaptation to this type of wine.

White wine glass

If you are looking for a quality white wine, then you should choose Burgundy wines or rosé wines. These wines, which are generally of good quality and have a very aromatic flavor, are made to be consumed in large glasses. Choose a glass that is large enough and at the same time wide enough. This recommendation is intended to allow your wine not to be cramped in a small glass. It will then be able to unfold all the bodies that constitute its quality and thus make you enjoy it.

Champagne flute

This type of glass does not shine by its width. It is of the taller kind, but a little slim and stands on thin legs. Regardless of the color of the wine, this glass is suitable for sparkling wines that are not composed of many bubbles. The thinness of the glass is therefore ideal for containing the liquid while limiting the loss of bubbles. These wines are usually served half full of the glass.