Many Nigerian’s Standing Behind Sunday Igboho

The last quarter of the year 2020 saw Nigeria make the headlines a lot. One of the most frequent reports was the Nigerian government’s brutal response by sending the Military to slaughter non-violent protesters at the Lekki tow-gate. A situation that has gathered public condemnation from the international community but remains an unsolved case.

In a recent development, a popular figure in the southwestern region of the country – Chief Sunday Igboho; is becoming the trendiest subject. This is for his action of ordering the Fulani-herdsmen to vacate the southwestern part of the country.

Why Is Sunday Igboho Ordering the Fulani’s to Vacate Yoruba Land?

The decision is in light of the many atrocities that have been committed by some members of this part of the country that are based in the southwest.

Most of the Fulani’s that reside in the rural part of the southwestern axis of the country are herdsmen. However, rather than operate a ranch system, they move their cattle randomly to places where they can graze.

However, they have been several reports of how these herdsmen allow their cattle to graze on the plantation of Yoruba farmers in the region. When these people complain about the situation, many of these herdsmen resort to violence.

As a matter of fact, some herdsmen are heavily armed with live ammunition, a situation which is shocking considering that there is a strict gun control system in the nation and because many of these herdsmen cannot afford one.

So, many Yoruba’s think the activities of the herdsmen are politically motivated to destroy the southwestern’s hold in the nation.

Aside from these, these herdsmen have been reported to indulge in the kidnapping of many Yorubas and demanding hefty ransom before release. Sometimes, they resort to killing when/if their demands are not met. In short, these people have become a nightmare to the Yorubas even on their soil.

Popular Support for Sunday Igboho

In light of the many atrocities perpetrated by these Fulani herdsmen, Chief Sunday Igboho has taken it upon himself to ensure that these people get off the Yoruba soil. He has gathered many supporters in the process despite opposing and threatening remarks from the powers that be.

It should also be recalled that the current president and commander of armed forces of the Nigerian nation – Muhammadu Buhari; hails from the Fulani region of the nation. This is the very part where these herdsmen hail from. Besides, the president has been awkwardly silent about the situation. The same approach that was taken on the END SARS protest that led to the massacre of non-violent youths at the Lekki tow gate.