New Covid-19 Variant Is Causing Setbacks for the Pharmaceutical Industry

New Covid-19 Variant Is Causing Setbacks for the Pharmaceutical Industry

When the reality of the pandemic hit every nook and cranny of the planet, scientists from various quarters and health workers had all hands on deck in curbing the situation. Many of the health workers paid the ultimate price as they lost their lives while in the frontline.

As time went by, there was a glimpse of hope considering how vaccines had been invented by various pharmaceutical companies to curb the effects of the virus. However, things are beginning to turn sour for the very industry that has given so much to save the world. As a matter of fact, many of them may be beginning to count their financial losses.

How the New Covid-19 Variant Is Complicating Things

The invention of tested and proven vaccines was good news in almost every part of the world. Proactively, national administrations like the United Kingdom, Israel, India, the United States, and many others got to work with vaccination.

For instance, recent reports record that the United Kingdom’s administration has gotten over 10 million citizens vaccinated with a first jab of the vaccines (at least). This is aside from funds spend on institutes conducting pertinent research on how the nation can better deal with the pandemic.

However, all these may be a waste if the New variant of the Covid-19 virus is not quickly put in check. This is because many vaccines are unable to effectively treat the new variant of the virus.

As a matter of fact, one pharmaceutical industry in South Africa has halted the production of its vaccines. This is considering how these vaccines are unable to effectively combat the new variant of the virus.

How much of a Problem has the New Covid-19 Variant Become?

To put things in context, not everywhere in the world is currently having issues with this new variant. However, as stated by Nigeria’s ex-finance minister when granting an interview recently, she stated that “nowhere is safe until everywhere is safe”.

Considering that a nation like Brazil has been having issues with the new variant of the virus spending amongst its populace, it is high time the relevant authorities seek viable ways to address this pandemic once and for all.

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