Russia Fast-Becoming the New Face of Anti-Democracy

Russia Fast-Becoming the New Face of Anti-Democracy

When many westerners think about dictatorship and anti-democratic administrations, they look towards African, the Middle East, and some arguably stigmatized parts of the world. Well, maybe they only need to look inwards towards Russia.

In a recent development, the publicly known opposition to Putin’s administration has been charged and sentenced to no less than 2 years in prison. Ironically, this is a situation that Navalny – the renowned opposition to the Putin led administration; envisaged when he decided to return to the country to challenge the administration.

How Putin Is the Real Face of 21st Century Dictatorship

Many Russians are tired of the political status quo and crying out for changes in the political landscape of the nation. However, it increasingly seems like their voices are irrelevant to the powers that be in light of recent development in the Russian Nation.

For one, President Putin has been in power for no less than 20 years. This is outrageous for many citizens of this nation and the most depressing thing is how long he wants to remain that way.

Reliable sources gather that President Putin is planning to stay no less than an additional 15 years as the political leader of the nation.

However, the length at which these administrators are willing to go in holding on to power is alarming. Of late, some charges were leveled up against public opposition leader – Navalny. As a result, the (publicly believed) corrupt judicial system has found Navalny guilty of the charges leveled against him and sentenced him to prison for no less than 2 years.

Pro-Navalny Supporter Caught Up in the Mess

Also, there have been reported shocking scenes from Russia. This is in light of how security agents have been dealing with Pro-Navalny supporters who have gathered to show their support and demand justice for their hero.

Many of them have been wrongfully arrested and incarcerated by the police. This is apart from further inhumane treatments such as the congestion these people are made to go through.

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