What you need to know to find a good charger for your laptop ?

The charger is an essential computer accessory for your laptop. If you notice that your computer discharges very quickly, it may be due to a false charge of your charger. It will then be necessary to replace your charger by another one more powerful in order to feed your laptop well. This article is written to enlighten you on the essential points to know before proceeding to a proper choice of charger for your laptop.

What is the power of the charger?

When it comes to changing your charger on batshop, you should first check its power. Expressed in Watt (W), it is the maximum energy that the charger provides for the proper functioning of the laptop. Indeed, the power of the charger is calculated by multiplying the voltage of the charger by its amperage.

Can we use a charger with a different power?

It should be noted that finding a charger that is ideally suited to your PC can be difficult. You will then tend to use another charger. But you should make sure that the power of the charger is greater than or equal to the power of the original charger of your PC.

Which connector to choose for your laptop?

Once you have identified the power of your laptop and the power of its charger, you will need to choose the type of connector to connect. This varies according to the models and brands of laptop. You work connectors of 1-2 mm, 5.5-1.7 mm. For this, you can get help from a professional in the repair of laptop or a specialized dealer. The latter will advise you on the ideal tip connector for your laptop. The tip is measured in mm.

Should I use a universal laptop charger?

The so-called universal charger models are often recommended, because they can be connected to several tips and work better. However, they are more expensive and do not guarantee better safety due to their removable voltage selector. But if you want to buy a universal charger, you should go for good quality.